Is Summer Overrated?

Is Summer Overrated?

Gabriella Gomez

Schools out! The weather gets warm, skin gets tan, and kids are off getting ice cream. Summer is the best! Or is it? Every student’s dream is to finally hear that school’s last bell of school so they can rush off and enjoy almost 3 months of summer. A time of relaxation, vacations, no homework or tests to stress about. A whole 3 months where brains switch off, and party-mode switches on. But is summer really all that? A perfect 10 weeks of nothing? 


Summer Break seems to be everyone’s favorite. Whether they go to parties, or just hang by the pool, summer is a total relaxation paradise. But is it really? What happens to your brain when summer mode comes on? A 2020 study from Annenberg Brown University found that the average student loses 17-34% of their knowledge from the previous school year. Not only that, but because summer break is so long, students can also forget appropriate study habits and school behavior. 


Summer is also depicted as a perfect season. Warm weather, fun parties, and hanging out with your friends. Now, I don’t know about you, but summer-time-themed ads and videos really allow people to get excited about the break! Once it finally arrives, however, it doesn’t seem like all that. The weather is so dangerously hot, there seems to be an air-conditioning shortage, and it’s just a sweaty mess. Not to mention, once you finally find a place to get away from the heat, everyone else has found it first. Say goodbye to staying cool, because the summer heat is here!




Now, summer isn’t all that bad, I’m sure it’s fun to get brain-freezes from ice cream, eating the first watermelon of the season, and trying on your brand new swimsuit. But after the rush of summer excitement goes through, it can just feel like a season designed to make you get a sunburn. Even school seems more fun than having to stay inside in the heat and chugging iced tea or lemonade.


The summer chick-flicks really lead us on, making summer seem perfect. The perfect weather, tan, ocean view, and sunset.  On a different side though, the perfect summer probably doesn’t exist if we are totally honest.  Comment what you think!