TMS Club rush

TMS Club rush

Have you always dreamed of joining a club for the 2022-2023 school year? Now’s the chance! All the teachers are still looking for new members and you could get that chance to sign up. Even though Club Rush passed, there is still time. I look forward to seeing you in a club next year!

ASB* – Cardinale 

What is ASB (Associated Student Body)? 

‘ASB is a way to create a positive school culture.’

Why should students join ASB? 

‘They should join if they enjoy working with others and have creative ideas to get students involved.’

What does ASB do for TMS? 

‘ASB has done the hoe-down and brought kids together.’¨

Interested? Contact [email protected] or visit room 511

AVID – Molstre

What is AVID?

“Advanced via Individual Determination. It’s an elective course that helps with you organization, helps you with study skills, helps you with note-taking, and helps you with all of your other classes to be successful in all of your other classes like language arts, math, science, and social studies.”

Why should students join AVID?

“People should join AVID because they want that extra boost, want to find out more help and find ways of doing better in school and I teach those ways of doing better in school, so how they do that, I mean, why should they do that they want that. That’s the key thing. You’re not just stuck in AVID, you want to choose AVID because you want to do better and then I will teach you how to do better.”

Is there any further information you would like the school to know?

“AVID is a program that a goal-setting program. It helps you achieve those goals. It helps you write out and plan those goals and it also helps you think about the future, think about college that may be you want to join that college and finally a career that you want to have in the end, and so it helps you be successful in school, then helps you be successful at your job and how to find that job.”

Interested? Contact [email protected] or visit room 310

BSU* – Miles 

(Interview By Johanna Marx)

“What is BSU?

‘BSU stands for Black Student Union. It was established in the 1960s as African American students with desegregation where they’d go into white spaces and go to school with them. They found that often African American students were isolated and alone, so they created this club so that African American students could connect together in the community and help each other achieve success in college.’

Why should students join BSU?

Learn about new things:

‘One thing we’re doing is, for example, I have a friend that is an educational manager at a bank and she wants to come in and do financial literacy with our kids. It’s open to anyone. A lot of our kids don’t know about finances or communication skills.’”

Interested? No contacting needed. Meeting during lunches when announced.

Bobcat Ambassadors** – Matus

What is Bobcat Ambassadors?

“Bobcat Ambassadors is a leadership group carefully trained to assist students with issues such as problems with friends, new student issues, tutoring, and community service. The Bobcat Ambassadors are responsible for the recycling efforts on campus with proceeds donated to the Bobcat Ambassador program.” 

Interested? Contact [email protected] or visit room 402


Bobcat News – Vogt

What is Bobcat news?

“Bobcat News is a video production that a team of students creates during Pride each week. The students research their assignments and then produce their segments using a program called WeVideo.”

Why should people join Bobcat news?

“If you have any interest in video production, graphic design, broadcasting, etc. this would be a great opportunity for you. TVHS has several media production courses if you want to continue your learning. Producing the news is a great way to meet new people, collaborate with other students, and help promote an informed, positive TMS community.”

What does Bobcat news do for the school?

“Bobcat News is a way to communicate important school information to the student body. It also provides a way to share information about the achievements that our Bobcats have made both on campus and in their extracurricular activities.”

Is there any further information you would like the school to know?

“If you have A and B grades in your core classes and are responsible and creative, you’d be a great addition to our team. Contact Mrs. Vogt if you want to apply for next school year.”

Interested? Contact [email protected] or visit room 509

Girl Talk – Pierce

What is Girl Talk?

“The Girl Talk organization allows for an exchange of life lessons and the story of growth that is to be shared between girls in order to empower girls to learn to embrace being a girl with confident leaders without fear.”

Why should people come to Girl Talk?

“People should come to Girl Talk because it’s a place where you can get to know other girls your age. Also, have mentors that are older than you. You can ask questions, develop relationships, and just have fun.”

Is there any further information you would like the school to know?

“Girl Talk is an organization that is run by high school girls. They lead the group and they lead all of the meetings. They come up with exciting activities for the girls to do that develop relationships and a safe environment where people can be themselves.”

Interested? No contact is needed. Meetings are after school when it’s announced.

Green Club – Calverly

What is Green Club?

“We are an environmental club on campus. We do paper recycling, take care of the school garden, campus clean up, pick up litter on campus, and we invite other PRIDE classes to come join us for environmental activities and education.”

Why should people join Green Club?

“Green Club is fun. You get to be outside. Since it’s a club, you can sign up with a friend in your PRIDE and advisement class. If you care about our environment and see changes in our campus to make us more environmentally conscious.”

Is there any further information you would like the school to know?

“It takes place during PRIDE and advisement, so you can still be in band or choir, whatever elective you chose. You should be responsible and polite. You do spend time outside of the classroom, independently, so you need to be trustworthy.”

Interested? Contact [email protected] or visit room 920

Scholar Squad – Sarkis

What is Scholar squad?

“Scholar Squad are students who can go out and tutor other students, help with homework, or help them study for a test.”

Why should people join Scholar squad?

“If they’re good students and they don’t really need to use their PRIDE time for anything else, they can help other students. It’s a good community service for the clubs.”

Is there any further information you would like the school to know?

“We would love to have more people join Scholar Squad. We need lots of help and I know there’s a lot of good students out there that will be helpful to their friends.”

Interested? Contact [email protected] or visit room 305


TMS Times – Kruger

What is TMS Times?

TMS Times is a club that takes up your advisement and PRIDE classes. It’s a club that writes articles for the school newspaper and you can join with your friends too. You can collaborate with other writers and get to be behind the scenes of the TMS Times.

Why should people join TMS Times?

People should join because it’s just a fun experience overall since you can join with your friends and it’s a really fun club if you love writing while you can also go around campus doing interviews/pictures. 

What does TMS Times do for the school?

TMS Times writes articles and published them every 2 months or so. It updates students on stuff like school events, interviews, advice, and more.

Interested? Contact [email protected] or visit room 303

Yearbook – Prato

What is Yearbook?

“Yearbook is where students meet during an explore period; it’s their explore class and they go take pictures and they interview kids and put them together in the yearbook, so the kids are actually making the yearbook during yearbook club.”

Why should students join Yearbook?

“Well, it’s really fun to get to see behind the scenes of school and get to be the one to help capture and document the memories of the year for everybody.”

Is there any further information you would like the school to know?

“Most students don’t realize that the whole yearbook has to be done and submitted to the publisher by March 1st. They think the yearbook has all the way up to the end of May and then print it really fast and pass it out. But it is actually by March 1st because the company that makes it is making it for the entire country all over to all different kinds of schools. So they need it in advance so they have a chance to print it. So a lot of students don’t realize that and that’s an interesting fact.”

Interested? Contact [email protected] or visit room 403


*taken from previous articles 

** Taken from the TMS website