Fun Challenges to do With Friends

Fun Challenges to do With Friends


Are you always with your friends but have no clue what to do? This is the perfect article if you are stuck in that situation! If you really want to make it fun, add prizes and it will be a game that you will never forget.

20 question challenge

The goal of this challenge is to make your friends stumped. For this game, one person is chosen to answer the questions. That person has to choose something, usually an object, and CAN NOT tell people what it is. The remaining people have to guess what the person chose but the catch is that you can only ask yes or no questions.

Egg drop challenge

For this challenge, you will need a bunch of materials like newspapers, popsicle sticks, glue, or any other craft materials you have. After you’ve done that, you need to split into groups. The objective of your group is to make a structure that will stop an egg from cracking from a high dropping point. Whichever group can keep the egg intact wins. If there is a tie, just do nothing, but know that you did good.

Chubby bunny challenge

If you’ve been to camp before, you’ve probably done this challenge before. For this one, you need a TON of marshmallows. You will need to see who can fit the most marshmallows into your mouth. Whoever can fit the most marshmallows wins.

100 layer challenge

This challenge is so easy, you can use almost anything in your house to do it. All you have to do is challenge your friend to stack 100 layers of something (shirts, nail polish, etc). Make sure to take a picture at the end!

Bubblegum challenge

We all like to take 2 sticks of some gum sometimes, but what if you chew more than that? Some people have been able to chew an entire box full of gum. This challenge will probably require lots of gum, so stock up and be prepared.

Riff off challenge

Based on the scene in Pitch Perfect, get with a group of your friends and have your own. The rules to the challenge are simple: pick a category, sing a song that fits it, and the next person/team must start their song with the same word that the last person/team sang. If no person/team joins in after a minute, the current singer(s) win!

Want to see the clip from the movie as an example? Here’s the link for this challenge:

Riff off – Pitch Perfect

Eat it or wear it challenge

This challenge is probably the messiest thing you will ever do. For this, you need an assortment of foods and each item will go into a numbered bag. When it’s your turn, you will choose a number from the bowl and get the bag with the food in it. When you take out the food, you will have to choose to eat a spoonful or put it all over your face or clothes. To make it more fun, put in things that you’re friends won’t like.


Do you want to try any of these challenges? Tell us in the comments! And at the end of the challenges, you might want to take some pictures too.