Are Sports Cards Making A Comeback?


Reece Malan, Writer

Are Sports Cards Making A Comeback?

By Reece Malan


An old hobby, going to the gas station, and getting a pack of baseball cards, hoping the card you’ve been searching for with fall into your hands. Nowadays, when you go to stores, the shelves that once were full of packs of sports cards are empty. This might get you wondering, are sports cards are making a comeback?


The sports card industry has been stirring currently because of the massive amount of sales they’ve had. People speculate that during the pandemic, people have gotten back into the hobby of collecting cards, in hopes that one day one of their cards will be worth millions. 


Prices have also gone up with the big jump in the number of collectors. An average pack of baseball cards in the ’60s was about 29 cents. Now, you can get a pack of 14 cards for 6 dollars. Prices do vary depending on where you get sports card packs and how many cards are in the pack.


Another big effect of the popularity of sports cards is the limited supplies to make them. Because of Covid, the supplies needed to make these cards are coming in late, due to shipping. So while supplies last, people are jumping on the game to get these cards while they last. 


What do you think about the increase in the buying of sports cards? Do you collect them yourself or want to start collecting? Tell us in the comments!