Ghost Stories


Grace Taylor , Treasurer of TMS Times

Ghost stories have been around for hundreds of years, and some people have had an encounter with a spirit.  It seems like Temecula is pretty haunted too, as many students at our school have had their fair share of ghost encounters, and have shared them with me.


1. Katherine Kinsella:

“When I was young, I went to go look at the full moon in my backyard with my parents.  While we were looking at the moon, something caught my eye.  I saw a white figure standing outside, peeking out of the bushes.  We had tall bushes that could easily hide a human.  It noticed me and started smiling.  I got really scared and I went back inside my house.  I told my parents but to this day they still think it could’ve been a trick of the light or something like that, but I remember it so clearly.” 


2. Mrs. Prato:

“I had never encountered a ghost before I had moved to Temecula.  They started when I had just moved into my house 7 and a half years ago.  The first time it happened, it was like a shadow in the corner of my eye.  Then it just kept happening and the ghost started showing itself more and more often like, I’d hear somebody walking around upstairs.  This had never happened to me in any other place I had lived before.  The ghost isn’t really friendly, but it isn’t unfriendly either.  It just wants me to know it’s there, like, it’s annoying me on purpose.  Most of the time it just does small things, like turn the lights on, but even though it’s small, it doesn’t make it any less scary.  I have a light that can only be turned on by a remote, and I had hidden the remote up really high away from my kids so there was no way they could touch it, next thing I know, the light is on, and I hadn’t touched the remote.  It had to have been the ghost.  The same thing happened in my bathroom, for the whole night the light was shining because the ghost had turned it on and wouldn’t turn it back off, and I couldn’t turn it back off.  The scariest encounter though, was when I was just about to walk down the stairs, and I saw a figure sitting on my couch.  I quietly crept down the stairs, and with each step I took, the ghost became more transparent until I was at the last step, and it was completely gone.  I don’t know if the ghost has good intentions or not and I don’t know why it is annoying me so much, but it wants me to know that it’s there, I just don’t know why.” 


3. Cailyn Ream:

“My sister and I were home alone one time and we heard a slamming door, both of us were confused as the windows were closed so it couldn’t have been the wind.  So we went back into the living room and kept watching TV and then we heard the attic door start opening and closing.  I told my sister to stay in the living room and I went to go and check it out and when I went to the attic door, nothing was there.  I was getting sort of worried so my sister and I went to go ask our neighbor to check it out for us and once we went back inside the house we heard some really off noises.  My neighbor said that we could stay with them for a bit and when we came back home later that night we started hearing more noises.  My Mom was out of town and my Dad wasn’t home yet because he was working later.  Then, I put my sister to sleep, turned on the TV, and it turned off by itself and the lights started turning on.  I went to go call my Mom and she just said stay calm and Dad is on his way so I stayed calm.  Then I was getting ready for bed and I noticed something was off in my room like something was missing, and I realized my painting fell down and I didn’t hear it happen or anything.  I put it back up and went to get a drink of water and it was back down again so I left it on the floor and when I went back in my room again, the painting was back up, so I thought that was really off.  My Dad had just gotten home so he asked me if I was sure if I hadn’t hung it back up and I was sure, so he just said leave it up.  When we woke up in the morning there was broken glass on the counter and I was wondering if one of the cats knocked over it because it looked like one of our glasses my dad said that he didn’t hear anything through the night and if he did, he would have woken up from it and after that, the rest of the day was pretty normal.” 


4. Jaquelyn Garcia:

“I was at my cousin’s house and it was night and I couldn’t go to sleep, so I started getting really paranoid when I saw there are mirrors in her room because I’ve had a few ghosts encounters with mirrors before.  I look at my reflection and I get a feeling that there is someone behind me or someone is in the room so I asked my cousin if she could put her dog Kingston in the room with me.  She agreed and the dog made me feel a bit better.  I try to get to sleep but I still can’t so I open the door to the room and I see a dark figure walking towards the room where my Mom was going to sleep.  The next thing I know, the figure disappears and I have no idea what to do because the next thing I know, I see figures everywhere.  I tell my cousin and she cleanses the entire room to kick all the bad spirits out and I decide to sleep on the couch because I’m too freaked out.  I lay down on the couch and the figure sat down on the couch and I could see it more clearly.  It looked at me and reached out with its hand and tried to grab my foot so I jumped off of the couch and it disappeared, but I was still super freaked out.”

5. Zoe Rojo:

“I used to live in Ontario, California when I was really young.  Everyone who would step into my house would swear that it was haunted.  We didn’t have any animals and the people that checked our house said that nothing was wrong with it.  The house would creak a lot and people who went into a specific room said that they could hear voices.  On the stairs, no one would be on it and it would make sounds like someone was coming down when no one was.  In the end, people would refuse to go to our house, so we moved out!”

What did you think of the ghost stories?  What was your favorite?  Have you had a ghost encounter?  Tell me in the comments!