The Winter Olympic Games!


Logan Chavez and Finn Johnston, Writers

The winter Olympics are a once-every 4-year event. They take place in different countries every four years. The rankings are Norway is in 1st; Germany is in 2nd; China is in 3rd, and the United States in 4th place. The Winter Olympics last around 16 days. Some of the sports that take place in the Olympics are Ski Jumping, Alpine Skiing, Ice hockey, Speed skating, and many others.

Fun fact, the first Olympic games occurred in 776 B.C. in ancient Greece. Michael Phelps from the United States currently holds the record for most gold medals for swimming with 23 gold medals from 2004 to 2016. Second place went to Larisa Latynina from the USSR with 9 gold medals.

Now, time for some more fun facts! The Olympics rings contain at least one color from each country’s flag. Until 1912, first-place Olympic medals used to be made of solid gold! Now they contain about 92.5% silver. The first Winter Olympics game was held in 1924. a different city from the Summer Olympics called Chamonix, France. Tug of war used to be an Olympic sport. The Summer Olympics included 33 sports, while the 2022 Winter Olympics contained just seven sports. Out of the 15 sports events in the winter Olympics, only 4 are indoor sports. If you were at the Olympics, how do you think you would do? Do you think you would win any gold medals? If so, how many do you think you would win?


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