What To Do When You’re Bored in Class


By Johanna Marx

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More likely than not, you’ve been bored in some of your classes—whether you were waiting for the class to get started or listening to a monotone, we’ve got you covered. This article will cover little activities you can do while a class seems to drag on and how you can increase your focus.



Doodling into the School Year: Visual Notetaking | EducationCloset

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Drawing little pictures in your notebook will help you pass the time, but it can also have added benefits. If you can draw little pictures about your notes, it’ll help you remember more of the lesson. 


Write Jokes

joke about school

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Writing jokes for parts of your notes in class can help you actually enjoy the lesson. Start with making puns; and since they’re usually bad, you don’t have to worry about them being funny! Also, making jokes about what you’re learning helps you think of the material in new ways. 


Pen Twirling

Learning Pen Spinning Tricks with No Experience - YouTube

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Pen twirling is a technique that takes a lot of practice—perfect for mindlessly spending time. You can find all sorts of tricks to try on Youtube. Note that it’s best to practice this a bit at home before doing it at school so that it doesn’t fly all over the classroom! After a while, though, you will have an oddly satisfying trick to show off to your friends!


Join In-Class Discussion


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Participating in the class’s discussion gets you engaged in what’s going on. If you’re scared that what you say will be considered wrong, keep in mind that you are in school to learn; it’s okay if you don’t remember everything perfectly! Asking questions when you’re confused will help you understand the lesson better.


Get Other Work Done

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If a class is slow enough, you may be able to start some homework from another class (or for the class you’re in if you already understand the lesson). It’s best to do this with printouts because you can easily put them away.


Hopefully, these tips help keep you occupied when boredom strikes! What do you think of these ideas? Tell us in the comments!