small shops of temecula


Leia Rasmussen

as small shops and businesses become more popular, making and selling products has become a hobby for some and a full job for others  Temecula is home to many small shops owners who have created and sell great products. this is a few shops that teens might find interesting


  1. Made By J

The owner of the shop, Jenna loves shoes, but when she was looking for a pair of custom shoes she wanted she couldn’t find them online. So she decided to customize her own and then open a shop with what she was making. She made her shop consisting of shoes, hoodies, and tote bags that can express her style and share it with the world.

2. Kanna Botana apothecary

The owner of Kanna Botann and her daughters looked everywhere for skincare products that wouldn’t make their eczema worse. Eczema is a  skin rash that can occur on the body.   All the ingredients were steroid-based. So she created a batch of hemp soap and in a short time after using it the rash was gone, permanently. Specializing in cold-pressed soap she also sells body butter, bath teas, and other skincare products that are steroid-free.

3. Bellissma

17-year-old Sophia started her jewelry business on February 23, 2021. She devoted all her free time to the shop rather than getting an average job. As it says on her website “Bellissima is one of the many words used in the Italian language to say, gorgeous, beautiful, or lovely. Customers don’t buy my products in an effort to “make themselves beautiful”, they buy them to enhance the beauty that is already there.”

4. Babe boutique/ clara nova

The owner of Clara Nova has suffered from a brain tumor and social anxiety in the past.  It was hard to work, so she started a shop on her own to work around her schedule. This beautiful location is covered in plants, her shop sells candles, stickers, gemstones, plants, painted pots, and press-on nails. Her Instagram is Clara Nova boutique.  It’s a bit hard to find her Etsy shop, but with a bit of searching, you can find it through Instagram.  

If you have a small Etsy shop or know of one comment down below