Is the TMS Volleyball Team Going to Win the Tournament?


Zoe Rojo, Secretary

The TMS Volleyball team is back in season! Out of the two (with the exception of last week) back-to-back games against each school in the season, they won about half of all the games.


The TMS Volleyball team consists of 8 girls, Autumn, Bella, Ginger, Gracie, Issiana, Payton, Makayla and Zosia. 


They play at Forza 1 in Murrieta on Saturdays. The final game was last weekend (October 23), which determines who the overall winner of the season will be, then the season will end. The tournament includes all teams no matter how you did in the season, but once you lose a game you’re out. 


I went with my friend, who did photography, to the game on October 17, 2021. 

Game on October 17, 2021


Last week they went against James L. Day Middle School, Vail Ranch Middle School, and Shivela Middle School! We sadly lost all games, but all hope is not lost! We still have the tournament to look forward to!

“Although we didn’t do great with our games last week, our games two weeks ago were incredible! Ginger won the third match with 15 aces!” comments Payton. (For anyone who is unsure what an ace is here a brief description:

It’s when a player serves over the net and the other team is never able to get the ball onto the other team’s side)

The tournament was just last weekend and sadly our Bobcats lost. We applaud you for your effort and we look forward to the next season!


Have a great day and make sure to live with P.R.I.D.E!