Give us a Break! There’s too much Homework!

Give us a Break! Theres too much Homework!

Sophia Barnett and Grace Taylor

A lot of students complain about getting too much homework and how it can affect their lives outside of school. Many students have after-school clubs such as sports, Scouts, and music lessons that take up a considerable amount of their evening and leave little time for homework. Some students stay up way too late trying to get it all done before the deadline.

Too much homework can also affect your social life, giving you little to no time to hang out or talk with friends. Human beings need social activity to keep a good mental state. It’s one of the many reasons Covid took a toll on people’s mental health. 

A study conducted by the OECD found that a couple of hours a week of homework is fine, but anything after that has a negative impact on a student’s performance. When teachers expect students to do an hour of homework for their class a day, it not only doesn’t help, but it affects students both physically and mentally.  

Stanford University conducted a study in 2013 which showed that high schoolers who are in high-achieving communities who spend too much time on homework, had physical health problems, and felt some negative social effects. 

Even Kindergarteners have too much homework. Standards by the NEA and PTA say that kindergartners should have no homework, but they get 25 minutes’ worth of it per night!

Temecula Middle School teachers give out a lot of homework each day which takes kids multiple hours to complete.

We interviewed a few students from each grade here at Temecula Middle School. One 6th grader said that they are given 1 assignment per teacher and it takes them about an hour to complete it. They are given four assignments a day. Another sixth-grader said they are given 1 sheet of homework per teacher and it usually takes them around 10 minutes to do each paper, equalling around 30-40 minutes of homework per night. Two 7th graders said they got 1-2 homework assignments from each teacher and it takes them around 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete and they get around 3-5 assignments a night. Two 8th graders said 1 piece of homework per teacher and it takes them around 30 minutes to complete each assignment with about 3-4 assignments in total. This equals to a student getting an hour to two hours of homework per night after a 6-7 hour school day. These students play sports and have after-school activities to do as well, so where is the time to do hours of homework? 

Teachers need to realize that students are getting more homework than classwork and after a busy day at school, this will negatively affect the students.


Do you think your teachers give too much homework?  How long does it take you to complete it? Tell us in the comments below.