The Top Five Monthly – Halloween Costumes


Zoe Rojo, Secretary

What’s your favorite part of Halloween? Free candy? Sleepovers? Costumes? After some research at Halloween stores and the google form poll, we have the top five most popular Halloween costumes! (Want to fill out the next poll form? Look for the link at the end of this article)


  1.   Food Costumes

This ranks number five in polls. Inflatable costumes of anything are proved to be popular in Halloween stores.There are many types of different foods you can be.You can find them online and possibly in a few Halloween stores.


  1.   Miraculous Ladybug costumes

This ranks number four and was very popular in the poll, and in Halloween stores.


“I’m being Ladynoire, the girl version of Cat Noir, because it’s my favorite show and I’m doing a group costume with my friends.” says Gabby Quiroz. You can find these costumes online, and at Spirit Halloween.


  1.   Harry Potter Costumes

This ranks number three in Halloween stores and in polls. 


Harry Potter is a very popular book and movie series. You go into a store and you’ll probably find something Harry Potter themed! You can find it online and in Halloween stores.


  1.   Disney Costumes

This ranks number two in Halloween stores, and a few votes from people in the poll. 


Cruella (from the new Disney movie Cruella) is a popular choice for costumes, and Jack Skellington (from The Nightmare before Christmas) for both. Disney costumes are also popular family costumes (shown in the image above).You can find Disney costumes online and you can find some costumes at various Halloween stores.


  1.   Marvel Costumes

This ranks number one in the poll, and was proved popular online and at various Temecula halloween stores.


Black Widow is a popular costume for girls, for the debut of the Marvel film Black Widow (available to watch on Disney+) has increased it’s popularity. You can find these costumes online and at most Halloween stores.


What are you going to be on Halloween? Do you agree with the selection? Anything you’d like to add? Want to poll for the next top five? The next one is going to be on Thanksgiving foods and go to Top Five Monthly – Thanksgiving Foods