Fall Into Autumn Fashion


Zoe Rojo and Mia Welsh

Fall into Autumn Fashion


By: Mia Welsh and Zoe Rojo


Fall is here, so no more shorts and T-Shirts; it’s time to get into the fall spirit with some cute fall outfits! You can never go wrong with a sweater and jeans, but need a hairstyle to complete the look? Some colors to look out for? Want to get your nails done but have no idea what to do? Scroll down and check out some outfits, nail ideas, and hairstyles you have to try!


Outfit Ideas



Plaid flannels and much more are in this season. Why not pair it with some high-rise jeans and some sneakers? Skirts and boots also work: you can basically wear plaid with anything! You can buy flannels at almost every place that sells clothes in Temecula.


Sweater Vests

You’ve probably seen multiple people across campus wearing these on a daily basis. In need of a hairstyle with this vest? See some ideas later in the article!


You can buy sweater vests at most teen shops, online, and at Macey’s and other department stores.



School-Girl Skirts


These skirts have been all the rage recently. Pair with a sweater and some boots! You can buy these skirts at most teen shops, online, and at most department stores.



Any boots are fashionable in the fall, Doc Martens among them. They are definitely a must-have for autumn fashion! Pair your boots with any of your favorite outfits!

Boots, skinny jeans, a hat, and a flowy blouse

A coat, jeans, and boots

Boots, jeans, and a sweater: a simple yet comfortable fall outfit!


You can buy boots at various shoe and clothing stores. Want to buy Doc Martens? Go to www.drmartens.com



Want to be comfortable yet trendy? A cardigan is a great solution to this problem. To go with it, put on your favorite sneakers, some jeans, and a comfy shirt to complete the look!

You can get cardigans online and at almost every clothing store.

Hairstyles and Nail Ideas


This nail design is really popular right now and it’s super cute and simple if you want a more plain nail look, these colors make it very fall!

These nails are super simple one color but the shape (which is an almond shape) is a great style that will go with most nail designs and make your nails look longer.

These nails are super cute because, even though they have a lot of colors, it doesn’t seem too crazy. This would also work well with any combination of similar colors.



This hairstyle is super cute, but also a little difficult. If you want a tutorial, look up ‘two dutch braids into a bun.’

This bubble braid is super cute, pretty simple, and would look super cute with most outfits. And again, if you need a tutorial, you can look it up on Youtube!

So here were some of our favorite fall fashion outfits, nails, and hair. I hope you all liked our suggestions! For more inspiration, go to Pinterest and look up fall outfits! Comment your favorite fall fashion trends below!