is “WHAT IF…” a must watch?

is WHAT IF... a must watch?

All Marvel fans have heard of the new, animated, “What if…?” show, but how many have made it past the 1st episode? Well, surprisingly, not a lot of people liked it because they didn’t like it. But I say keep watching!

For those who already understand Marvel’s plot and story with the infinity stones and such, WI? (What if…?) was a whole new universe (and for those of you who have been watching see what I did there). The show is a series of stories from different universes. One example is the first episode. It starts like the classic story that we all know “Captain America: The First Avenger,” but when Peggy makes one small choice it changes everything. Peggy is left to take the super serum instead of Steve Rogers. This is the birth of Captain Carter. While these stories may not be in our universe they are similar to the ones that are. While many people did not want to watch it because there was no plot missed out on one of the biggest plots in the Marvel Universe(s), according to Indie Wire

if you are a long time marvel fan or don’t care for the series “What if…” is a great casual viewing show that will get you laughing and on the tip of your seat. if you have loved the original movies there are tons of inside jokes that will have you laughing while everyone else is staring at you like you are crazy. although it may be a cartoon it has the original voices and is very action-packed and loaded with that same Marvel ambiance that has captivated thousands of fans. with a great (but slowly developed) plot the ending will have you biting your nails and rethinking everything you used to believe about Marvel. you will get a great story from each episode. it might not be a traditional  Marvel show/Movie but it is certainly worth the watch.

if you have already seen the show and have a favorite episode/story you can comment it down below and see what other people like too.